About the house

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It is located in the Delber fountain area, the villa zone of Varna, very near the Golden Sands resort on the northern sea coast.


It is built on the highest ground in the whole area, which reveals an amazing view of the eastern sea coast, almost 150 km, from cape Kaliacra to the bay of Kamchia and Shkorpilovci resorts.


To the west the house is located only 200 m from Godlen Sands natural park’s forest. This is a protected area, with many tourist routes, suitable for eco-tourism. It has lots of glades and alcoves, natural springing water and camping areas.


There are various attraction such as the caves, parts of the underground tunnel system, linking the area with the Aladja rock monastery which is only 4 km away.


Inside the house you can immerse yourself in the wonderful surroundings, a combination of cozy atmosphere, beautiful view, fresh air and undisputed comfort.


In addition to all of this, you are still not far away from the main destinations on the northern sea coast:


The house is 250m away from te main road linking "Golden Sands" resort (4 km), Varna Free University (2,4 кm), "Journalist" area and "Kabakum beach" (3,2 km), "Sunny Day" resort (2,7 km), "St. St. Konstantin and Elena" resort (4 km), city of Varna (8 km).